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Spying on Emails, Text Messages & Phone Calls

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Although most people greatly value their privacy and many wouldn’t dream of infringing upon other’s personal emails, phone messages and texts, there are still a vast majority who for one reason or another feel the need to peer in on loved one’s private happenings either because they want to know what is going on or in many cases, because their suspect infidelity.

Like it or not and regardless of personal opinions about spying, there is a booming business for devices and apparatuses that will help those who need to be ‘in the know’ on their journeys of discovery. The realm of communications is advancing by the minute and thus, so isn’t the technology for those who wish to spy.

Cell Phone Spying Equipment (Mobistealth)

With the influx of people using their mobile phones to communicate, companies every day are creating monitoring software that can utilized to spy on anyone’s phone messages, texts and will even keep track of websites that they visit while using their cell phone.

Girl with cell phone

How it Works

Once you have targeted the cell phone of your choice, beginning your spying is as easy as downloading whichever software program you choose to buy or invest in to the cell phone you want to monitor. For parents who are giving their underage children a cell phone, there are many companies that sell such software already installed. If however, you are being sneakier with your monitoring, you will have to download the software when the owner is not around.

Once the software has been installed and downloaded, it will begin to work immediately by transmitting (without the owner’s knowledge) masses of data to a secure server that you have set up. This is a separate account to which only the person spying has the password to and is the hub where all the cell phone activity will be sent to.

Once your secure server hub has been set up, you will receive every detail that happens with the cell phone and it goes directly to your secured site. The information transmitted will include all and any websites that the cell phone user visits, a complete log of all the incoming and outgoing calls they make and receive and a complete log of any text messages that are sent and received, including ones that are deleted.

Additionally most also have the option to use the software as a GPS tracking device so that you can track and monitor the cell phone user’s exact location at any time of the day or evening.

There are various options when it comes to cell phone spying software and therefore a little research may be required. Some software only works with specific kinds of phones, while other types will work with any phone. There is also specific monitoring software designed for Blackberry phones and Smart phones because those types have special functions that a traditional phone does not have and therefore you will need specific software if you are to track and spy on those functions.

Email Monitoring Software (

While many people use their cell phones for the majority of their interactions, most still also use and access a home computer or laptop. Corporations have become particularly interested in this type of software as it allows them to track exactly what their employees are doing during their work hours, but it has also become quite popular in the general community as well.

email monitoring software


Most of the software programs sold today work in such a way that the user of the PC is not aware that their every key stroke is being recorded and monitored, making it the most efficient way to spy on the user without getting caught.

Depending on the type of software you purchase and download, every action that happens on the PC can be recorded and viewed at a later date to include screenshots, websites visited (along with the time and date stamped), a complete record of any emails sent and received (both present and deleted) and a record of any chat or instant messages that have been sent or received on the computer.

It is also possible with most of these software programs to track, record and monitor every individual key stroke that happens which means the spying individual can gain access to pertinent information such as passwords and any URL that has been typed into the computer.

Though one would think that a software program this complex and involved would be complicated to set up, the truth is that once you have selected the software you want, all you have to do is install and download it to the PC of your choice and it will begin logging information immediately, with all the collected data going to a secure server that you have set up and that is password protected.

When researching different programs and software it is important to make sure the software you select will work with the specific programs used on the computer such as Windows or Mac programs. While some software is cross-relevant and will work with a myriad of programs, others are designed in such a way that you have to match the software with a specific program type.


Spying On A Cell Phone

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Gecko Monitor is our very own Computer Monitoring Software, that can be used to stealthily monitor a computer while you’re away. But what if you want to take things a step further? If you own the phone (whether it’s a phone you give to your kids, spouse or employee) you’re legally allowed (in most states) to monitor it. So if you have pesky kids who have knack for causing trouble, or an employee who’s been seen sleeping in his car when he should be out on the road, then you might want to look into spying on their cell phone.

Spying on a cell phone has become a lot more common place since the popularity of smart phones has spread globally. Smart phones make it very easy for cell phone spying, since they’re in essence mini computers. Older phones didn’t have the capabilities for installing software, but with operating systems like Android, Windows 8 & iOS, a huge range of software is available, and the range of applications developers can produce is huge.

Phone Spying

Cell phone spying software (for lack of a catchier name) is easily downloaded and installed on the target phone. A quick visit to the developers website is all that’s required to download and install the software, and once installed the applications will run in complete stealth in the background of the phone, uploading the logs and reports to the web for you to view at any time.

What can be monitored is incredible. Incoming and outgoing text messages are automatically stored for you to read at a later date, as are recordings of every call and voice mail. GPS is used to track the location of the phone at all times, showing on a map the exact location of the person. Web browser history and anything taken with the phones camera is also automatically saved. But perhaps the most extraordinary – or perhaps worrying – feature of cell phone spying software is the ability to simply switch the phones microphone on at any time at listen live to the persons surroundings. Think of the possibilities.

All of this will be automatically uploaded to your account online, so that you can log in and look through the reports whenever it suits you.

If you’d like to check out the most popular phone spy software on the market, take a look at Mobistealth. You can read our review of Mobistealth here. If you’re interested in monitoring a computer download our free trial of Gecko Monitor here.

Monitoring a Cheating Spouse – Cell Phone & PC

Friday, October 19th, 2012

If you have your suspicions about a cheating spouse there are now more ways to catch them out than there was ten years ago. These days the world is intrinsically connected in way that can be dangerous for those trying to hide something. So if you do have your suspicions the best way to get the truth is to start monitoring their devices.

Whether or not you should monitor a spouse is a different issue and may be one that doesn’t play well on peoples morals, but that debate is a lengthy one that will never have an agreeable answer, so we won’t go into it now. If you feel that monitoring your spouses devices is the route you need to go down then read on.

Man on Cell Phone

The two devices in question are the mobile (cell) phone and the computer or laptop. In the 21st century both can be monitored with ease. The mobile phone can be monitored by simple programs that you install when you have a few minutes alone with the phone. Mobistealth is the leading phone monitoring software which you can purchase and prepare from your own computer when no one is around. Then, when you have a few minutes with the target phone you simply type a link into the phones browser and the software gets installed.

Phone and computer monitoring programs both work in complete stealth, so as soon as the application has been installed no one will know about it. With Mobistealth you can log into your members area to see the logs and look over what has been monitored. You’ll be able to listen to phone calls, read texts, see picture messages and even see where your spouse has been using GPS tracking. You can read a review of Mobistealth here.

Monitoring your spouses computer is just as easy. Using an application like Gecko Monitor, all you’ll need is 10 minutes alone with the computer to set up the software, after which everything runs in stealth while monitoring things like keystrokes, websites visited, applications used, documents typed and emails sent. You can view all of this either by logging back into Gecko Monitor or by having the reports sent to you remotely via email.

With both of these programs installed you can be sure to find out the truth about a cheating spouse, and have the proof to confront them with. You can download a free trial of Gecko Monitor here.

Mobistealth Review

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Mobistealth Review Logo

Mobistealth is the phone monitoring software for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia. We thought we’d give Mobistealth a short review on our blog as it compliments Gecko Monitor and will hopefully be useful to our target audience and customers. Mobistealth is probably the most popular phone monitoring software on the market today. Mobistealth has three versions – Lite, Pro and X-Pro. Each version provides slightly different versions of monitoring capabilities.

The Lite version of Mobistealth starts at around $8 per month and includes the following:

  • Call history logging.
  • SMS logging.
  • Browser history logging.
  • GPS tracking
  • Contact details.
  • Bookmark monitoring.
  • Appointment/Calender logging.


The Pro version starts at around $12 per month and includes all of the above plus the following:

  • Recording of surroundings.
  • Location tracking without GPS.
  • Picture/Camera logging.


The Pro-X version starts at around $17 per month and includes all of the above plus:

  • Recording of calls.
  • Video logging.
  • Blackberry messenger monitoring.


To install Mobistealth on the target phone you’ll need around 5 minutes alone with the handset to download the software, install and restart the phone. Once this is done there will be no trace of Mobistealth running on the handset and the software runs very effectively.

To view the phone logs and reports you simply have to log into your Mobistealth account through their website. The process is extremely easy and the reports are easy to read through and understand. The GPS information is particularly outstanding, displaying all the relevant information using Google maps. The recording of the calls and surrounding noises is also brilliant and clear. Another great feature is the SIM change feature that’ll alert you if an extra vigilant wrong-doer changes the SIM in their phone.

If you need to monitor a teens phone, or you have your suspicions about a cheating spouse then we recommend Mobistealth over all of its competitors, it’s a brilliant spy program that deserves a lot of praise. You can check out the Mobistealth website here. If you also need to monitor your childs or spouses computer take a look at our free trial of Gecko Monitor by heading to our homepage here.