Can I Monitor My Child’s Kik Account?

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If you are a parent you may be wondering whether or not it is a good idea to monitor your child’s Kik account or whether it is even possible. Kik is a messenger application that lets you text without using your phone’s texting service, and it has become a popular app for teenagers to keep in touch with each other. It can be used on devices like the iPod Touch and on devices that have a limited texting plan because of the fact that it doesn’t use the phone’s native texting service. There are several potential issues with Kik, one of them being the fact that Kik usernames can be posted in public forums where anyone can gain that information and contact the child or the account owner.

Kik is meant to be used for adults 17+

One thing to keep in consideration is the fact that Kik is meant to be used by adults aged 17+. Children who are under the age of 17 who use the application are actually breaking its terms of service. As a result, if there is any concern about how your child is using Kik and whether or not it is a safe application for them, the chances are that they should not be using it at all in the first place. They may have good intentions and only plan on keeping in touch with friends, but the fact that the app cannot be monitored by parental software monitoring programs means that there is the opportunity for trouble.

Parental monitoring software does not monitor Kik

One major issue with Kik is that most types of parental monitoring software cannot monitor its activity. This is because of the fact that Kik is a standalone messaging app. There are some parental monitoring software programs that can monitor keystrokes, and these applications won’t monitor Kik specifically, but you will be able to see what was written on the phone during a specific period of time. This is one of the only ways to monitor Kik activity, along with actually checking the phone on a regular basis. You may make it a requirement that if your child wants to use Kik that you have to be able to check on the phone’s activity at any time.

You can limit the apps that your child can download

If you have a young child or a young teenager they almost certainly should not be using Kik or any of the similar messaging apps that have been released recently. You can set up restrictions on the apps that your child is able to download on their iTunes or Google Play account. This way they will only be able to use their phone’s texting service to communicate, which can easily be monitored with a wide range of different parental control apps for both Mac and Android devices. It may not be easy to limit the apps that your child can use and setting phone restrictions, but doing so will protect them from strangers and ensure that appropriate conversations are being had.

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