Teenage Internet and Cell Phone Safety

It seems like no matter where you go these days, if you look around, all you’ll see is the tops of teenagers heads as they stare intently into the screen of their phone. It is not uncommon to almost bump into teens as you’re walking down the street, simply because they are so glued to their mobile devices. What is it about smartphones that makes them so compelling for the younger generation?

Smartphones are inherently social – there are millions of apps that allow teens to stay connected to their friends all day long, even when they’re not actually together. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Kik Messenger are all wildly popular among teens. Whether they’re in school, at home, or even on the job, these apps are being used nonstop and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be letting up anytime soon.

The infographic below by TeenSafe.com provides a deeper look into an average day in the life of a teenager – from the moment they wake up to their last minutes texting before falling asleep. If you have teenagers, can you relate? And if you are a teen, maybe your day looks pretty similar. . .

teenage internet safety



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