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Hardware VS Software Keyloggers

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Keylogging has gained a lot of popularity especially within the realm of businesses. Employers now want to keep track of what their employees are doing during working hours, and many companies have come to the realization that employee production has decreased since the onset of social media and online shopping. By utilizing keylogger hardware or software, the individual who uses it can easily see what those who are using the PC, laptop or mobile device is doing, which websites are being visited and other information such as the contents of any emails that are sent out or received.

Keylogging is offered in hardware and software, prompting those who want to use it to ask which is better. Both types can be effective and as with anything else, both have their strengths and weaknesses. When comparing whether to use keylogger hardware or software, keep these things in mind.

hardware keylogger

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using the hardware lies in the fact that unlike software keyloggers, hardware keyloggers are virtually undetectable. When the software is used there are options for those who may suspect they are being monitored to deactivate the programs by installing anti-spy or eraser software or programs. With hardware keyloggers, these anti programs will not detect that there is keylogger software built into the system and therefore there is no way to deactivate it.

With software keyloggers there is also a risk that the person who is active on the device may intentionally or accidentally put in the password that you have chosen to monitor the software; in these instances the software will automatically deactivate itself and the monitor will no longer have access to the activity on that computer or device.

Because of these ‘flaws’ it takes much more diligence on the part of the person utilizing the software to consistently check to make sure the software is performing the way that it should and that it hasn’t been compromised or deactivated. For some this proves to be too much work; for others it is not an issue. This aspect comes down to personal preference and the amount of time on wants to spend monitoring the functionality in addition to the activity on the device.

Another benefit of utilizing hardware in lieu of software is that should there ever be a power outage or if the device it is installed on somehow gets unplugged, the non-volatile memory will continue to track all the activities that are happening. When software is used, because it doesn’t have the non-volatile component, once the device is unplugged or there is no power feeding it, the software can no longer monitor the activities until power is restored or it is again plugged in.

Because the hardware keylogger is portable it can be used on multiple computers at one time. When software is utilized, it is specifically downloaded to one computer and therefore only the activities of that computer can be monitored. Having the hardware version allows the owner to move their portable device from one computer to another at any time, which means the functions are not as limiting as with the software.

Unlike software keyloggers, there is nothing to download when monitoring activity and instead the hardware works and records activity via a host server. The added benefit of this is that no type of malware can interfere with the monitoring of the hardware; this is not true of software which does need to be downloaded, and therefore brings with it more risks.

Fortunately the newer keylogging software is catching up with the times however and now much of it can also record things like digital images and record emails and send them back to the user’s hosting site. However, the programs that do have these capabilities also require that much of the computer hard drive space is consumed, and depending on the software, it is fairly easy to detect. The result is usually that the software will slow down the performance of the computer overall. This is not the case with hardware keyloggers.

But more advances are being made to software and it is much more affordable than the hardware versions of keylogging. For this reason many individuals and companies still choose to use the software version. Take a look at our own keylogger software; Gecko Monitor