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Spying on Emails, Text Messages & Phone Calls

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Although most people greatly value their privacy and many wouldn’t dream of infringing upon other’s personal emails, phone messages and texts, there are still a vast majority who for one reason or another feel the need to peer in on loved one’s private happenings either because they want to know what is going on or in many cases, because their suspect infidelity.

Like it or not and regardless of personal opinions about spying, there is a booming business for devices and apparatuses that will help those who need to be ‘in the know’ on their journeys of discovery. The realm of communications is advancing by the minute and thus, so isn’t the technology for those who wish to spy.

Cell Phone Spying Equipment (Mobistealth)

With the influx of people using their mobile phones to communicate, companies every day are creating monitoring software that can utilized to spy on anyone’s phone messages, texts and will even keep track of websites that they visit while using their cell phone.

Girl with cell phone

How it Works

Once you have targeted the cell phone of your choice, beginning your spying is as easy as downloading whichever software program you choose to buy or invest in to the cell phone you want to monitor. For parents who are giving their underage children a cell phone, there are many companies that sell such software already installed. If however, you are being sneakier with your monitoring, you will have to download the software when the owner is not around.

Once the software has been installed and downloaded, it will begin to work immediately by transmitting (without the owner’s knowledge) masses of data to a secure server that you have set up. This is a separate account to which only the person spying has the password to and is the hub where all the cell phone activity will be sent to.

Once your secure server hub has been set up, you will receive every detail that happens with the cell phone and it goes directly to your secured site. The information transmitted will include all and any websites that the cell phone user visits, a complete log of all the incoming and outgoing calls they make and receive and a complete log of any text messages that are sent and received, including ones that are deleted.

Additionally most also have the option to use the software as a GPS tracking device so that you can track and monitor the cell phone user’s exact location at any time of the day or evening.

There are various options when it comes to cell phone spying software and therefore a little research may be required. Some software only works with specific kinds of phones, while other types will work with any phone. There is also specific monitoring software designed for Blackberry phones and Smart phones because those types have special functions that a traditional phone does not have and therefore you will need specific software if you are to track and spy on those functions.

Email Monitoring Software (

While many people use their cell phones for the majority of their interactions, most still also use and access a home computer or laptop. Corporations have become particularly interested in this type of software as it allows them to track exactly what their employees are doing during their work hours, but it has also become quite popular in the general community as well.

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Most of the software programs sold today work in such a way that the user of the PC is not aware that their every key stroke is being recorded and monitored, making it the most efficient way to spy on the user without getting caught.

Depending on the type of software you purchase and download, every action that happens on the PC can be recorded and viewed at a later date to include screenshots, websites visited (along with the time and date stamped), a complete record of any emails sent and received (both present and deleted) and a record of any chat or instant messages that have been sent or received on the computer.

It is also possible with most of these software programs to track, record and monitor every individual key stroke that happens which means the spying individual can gain access to pertinent information such as passwords and any URL that has been typed into the computer.

Though one would think that a software program this complex and involved would be complicated to set up, the truth is that once you have selected the software you want, all you have to do is install and download it to the PC of your choice and it will begin logging information immediately, with all the collected data going to a secure server that you have set up and that is password protected.

When researching different programs and software it is important to make sure the software you select will work with the specific programs used on the computer such as Windows or Mac programs. While some software is cross-relevant and will work with a myriad of programs, others are designed in such a way that you have to match the software with a specific program type.


Top Educational Websites for Kids

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

With the advancement of Internet technology kids today are much easier able to find information and further their education online while in school or the comfort of their own homes. However, the Internet also poses serious risks because much of the information is not filtered or regulated. Finding quality sites that are effective and safe for your kids to advance their education can be tedious. Here are some of the top educational websites for kids that are chock full of information that is relevant, current and fun! And all of them are free!

educational desk drawing

PBS Kids

PSB has long been a reliable source for educating our youth and their website is one of the best available. The entire site is dedicated to educating parents and their children and setting up an account takes seconds. Parents can choose to allow their kids to set up their own accounts or can set one up for them that is password protected.

On this site, once registered, children and their parents will have access to a flurry of PBS kid’s programs that involves all their favorite characters such as Curious George and The Cat in the Hat. IT also includes many fun games and activities as well as printable coloring activities, photos and games.

Learning activities are divided by ages and learning levels and includes subjects in math, science, reading, language development and music and arts. There are also online activities for kids with learning disabilities and advanced studies.

Additionally the PBS site offers parent forums, advice columns and articles with separate segments for military families and also has financial categories to help with monetary issues.

National Geographic Little Kids

For the adventurous types this site is remarkable and very easy to navigate for kids and parents alike. More geared for children 5 years of age or under, they can find all sorts of information on animals and science and can also find lots of games, crafts and recipes on the site as well.

Activities include animal fill ins, photo fill ins, jokes and online lesson plans about the sciences and animal behaviors. The Curiosityville tab will bring families to a plethora of Q & A sections where short and fun facts can be found as well as little quizzes that parents can give to their youngsters after.

Community news and videos are also included on the website and kids can participate in games that include online word puzzles, geography games and action games that are kid friendly.

For older students this site also has a National Geographic Kids which is suitable for children over the age of 5 to high school ages.

Fun Brain

This site is fun, cool and packed with math and reading games that are all designed to mock video games but without the violence that so many parents are concerned about. The site has a unique way of engaging kids and keeping their interest by mixing lesson plans with games such as Baseball Math and Mad Libs Junior.

The site boasts tabs that include Math and Reading Arcades, Fun Arcade and Playground where all kinds of activities can be explored. The Math Arcade has things like connect the dots and tic tac toe squares while the reading activities include short books and games that follow the lesson plans.

Suitable ages are K-8 and parents can also find helpful links for homework help, advice and references/resources.


Created by J.K. Rowling, this is one of the most interactive and creative sites for kids who want to learn or love to read. The site is centered around the Harry Potter series of course, but many parents and children love the interactive activities that follow each of the book’s series and there are also a ton of games on the website for kids to enjoy. Those who love the magical adventures of Harry Potter will love this site!


This is a great site for the in between ages and offers educational learning plans and homework help but also is a safe place for younger teens to chat and blog as well as connect with their peers without the traditional threats of the run of the mill social media sites.

Those who sign up can have access to lots of educational material, socialize and play appropriate games by themselves or with others. The community forum is a great place to connect with others while learning in a threat free environment.

If you’d like to monitor your kids or the family computer, take a look at our free trial of Gecko Monitor on the home page.


Windows 8 Keylogger – Gecko Monitor Upgrades

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Gecko Monitor has been growing in strength over the past 6 months. Thank you to everyone who has supported to us through development and too everyone who has used the software.

As Windows 8 hits stores and PC’s around the world, and more and more people upgrade to Microsoft’s new operating system, we thought it best to begin upgrading Gecko Monitor to make sure our Keylogger is 100% compatible with the new incarnation of Windows.

Although Windows 8 works similarly to previous versions of Windows (apart from the addition of the new style start menu) there are some minor alterations, especially behind the scenes. The main feature of Gecko Monitor that needed upgrading to be comprehensively compatible was the Keylogger, which has been upgraded to offer improved stability and functionality.

We are also in the process of adjusting the trial length of Gecko Monitor to a longer time period, to allow users to test the features more before purchasing the software. If you’d like to download Gecko Monitor and see the software in action, head to our home page here:

More new features will be announced here on the blog in the the not too distant future. At the moment the team behind Gecko is looking at microphone recording, web cam monitoring and Skype integration. Check back soon if any of that excites you!