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Spying On A Cell Phone

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Gecko Monitor is our very own Computer Monitoring Software, that can be used to stealthily monitor a computer while you’re away. But what if you want to take things a step further? If you own the phone (whether it’s a phone you give to your kids, spouse or employee) you’re legally allowed (in most states) to monitor it. So if you have pesky kids who have knack for causing trouble, or an employee who’s been seen sleeping in his car when he should be out on the road, then you might want to look into spying on their cell phone.

Spying on a cell phone has become a lot more common place since the popularity of smart phones has spread globally. Smart phones make it very easy for cell phone spying, since they’re in essence mini computers. Older phones didn’t have the capabilities for installing software, but with operating systems like Android, Windows 8 & iOS, a huge range of software is available, and the range of applications developers can produce is huge.

Phone Spying

Cell phone spying software (for lack of a catchier name) is easily downloaded and installed on the target phone. A quick visit to the developers website is all that’s required to download and install the software, and once installed the applications will run in complete stealth in the background of the phone, uploading the logs and reports to the web for you to view at any time.

What can be monitored is incredible. Incoming and outgoing text messages are automatically stored for you to read at a later date, as are recordings of every call and voice mail. GPS is used to track the location of the phone at all times, showing on a map the exact location of the person. Web browser history and anything taken with the phones camera is also automatically saved. But perhaps the most extraordinary – or perhaps worrying – feature of cell phone spying software is the ability to simply switch the phones microphone on at any time at listen live to the persons surroundings. Think of the possibilities.

All of this will be automatically uploaded to your account online, so that you can log in and look through the reports whenever it suits you.

If you’d like to check out the most popular phone spy software on the market, take a look at Mobistealth. You can read our review of Mobistealth here. If you’re interested in monitoring a computer download our free trial of Gecko Monitor here.

What is Computer Monitoring Software? A Quick Guide

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Computer monitoring software isn’t a new concept; however as technology advances on the Internet and people become more adept are searching, the need for this type of software particularly for household with children has vastly increased.

Essentially a computer monitoring software program will allow the owner or registers of a laptop or desktop to monitor all the activity that happens on that computer without the user knowing that their activities are being recorded and monitored. This is the same software that is also known as parental software which many parents have put on their computers that are used by underage children as well as other family members.

Once the software is installed, the program will monitor all online activities as well as filter the content. It also has settings that allow the owner of the computer to block particular sites from gaining access to the computer, and controls can be set so that certain cites cannot be accessed by those using the computer. Generally the controls placed are those sites that are at high risk of containing viruses and sites that contain adult material such as pornography.

Computer monitoring software often gets confused with other software programs that fall under the spyware programs. There are vast differences between the two and in order for particular software to fall under monitoring software one of three key elements must be present:

  • The person who installs the monitoring software must be the owner of the PC or laptop that it is being installed on.
  • The owner has permission from other family members or users of that computer to install the software.
  • Whoever installs the software is the parent of an underage child.

Computer monitoring software is not only used by parents, but is also vastly used in many workplaces where the business owner or owners want to regulate what their employees can access and what programs can have access to their PC’s. These monitoring software programs will recognize key words that directly contradict what that employer will allow their employees to search for. When an employee tries to search for things that should not be accessed they will be brought to a screen that states something like “Unauthorized to view this website” or something similar.

Considerations Before Purchasing or Installing Computer Monitoring Software

There are hundreds of available software programs and not all are created equally. You should devote some time to researching the many that are available so that you invest in one that is affordable, is easy to install and navigate and that will do everything you need it to do. There are many programs available online that is free, while others will charge but have more bells and whistles available.

Things you should take into consideration are:

  • Compare pricing and capabilities of the software
  • Be sure that the software you buy is the latest version
  • Make sure that it is compatible with your operating system
  • Purchase one that has stellar customer support services as you will probably have questions along the way. Also ask what their turnaround time is for addressing your questions or issues

Interested in learning more? Check out our very own Gecko Monitor. Gecko Monitor’s advanced systems comfortably and easily allow parents to monitor all of their computer’s and user’s activities while online and our program works equally as well for employers who want to monitor their employee’s activities.

When choosing a program consumers need one that is easy to install and that is easily navigated and Gecko is not only is affordable, but it is the easiest to install and manage on the market. Once the program is installed and the user assigns a password, all activity on the computer can be quietly monitored to ensure the safety of all users.

We offer a free two hour trial so you can get to know the program and then make an educated decision as to whether this is the computer monitoring program for you, your family or your place of business.

Gecko Monitor also offers many unique features which include:

  • Monitoring of any and all printed documents constructed on the computer
  • Compiles screenshots of all activity and sites visited
  • Easy to use and understand time stamping system
  • Emailing documentation and reporting to the email you assign to the program which offers reports and alerts
  • Complete monitoring of all files which are opened, deleted or saved
  • Guaranteed monitoring that is hidden and can unhide with password/secret key combination

To download a free trial of Gecko Monitor click here.